At The Deluxe Salon we offer feathers, colored hair extensions or natural hair extensions.  We also offer brightly colored hair extensions so you do not have to bleach out hair or if you just want a quick change.

We do Hairlocs Hair extensions for people who would like to extend the length of their hair or add volume to thinning hair. They look completely natural and are made of human hair, just like your own hair! Also you can do color variations for different hair styles and looks. Megan is a certifed Hairlocs Technician and has been doing extensions for over 4 years.

All of these extensions can be removed without damage to your own hair and can be adjusted as your hair grows out.



Feathers $10.00/ or 3 for $25.00

Colored Hair Extensions

Per insert $10.00/ or 3 for $25.00

Hair Extensions

Please call for a consultation.

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